Beloved By Candle Light (+ the beard)

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Yesterday, was glorious. Instead of driving to run errands, we rode our bikes… Which made me feel very much like a local- they bike everywhere here (and yet a horrendous traffic jam begins at 4 and doesn’t disepate until almost 7!) Finding a cute little Laundromat Cafe (which is just enough cheaper than our apartment wash room, close enough, and frankly, too cute to pass up becoming a regular attendee… this little place takes sitting and waiting in a usually dowdy room, for what seems like dinosaur ages, a pleasant experience). We also stopped in at a kitchen supply store in search of a mortar and pestle… I found one I liked but then remembered that we have some Bed, Bath, and Beyond giftcards that are just dying to be useful. I also found a loose leaf strainer at this kitchen supply closet, that I loved, but again opted out with the ambition to go to BB&B the following day. At some point we we realized that we needed a few grocery items to make a dinner I had planned and thought it best that we should begin the trip back home.
My silly brain.
I had looked up the days and times of all the farmer’s markets in Santa Cruz only three days prior to this bike excersion of ours… And yet, I forgot that the closest Market to our apartment was on Wednesdays from 3-6! Lucky for us, as we rode home, we happened to pass said Market and immediately stopped to explore. We found a glorious lot of fresh fruit, veggies, and flowers. At one of the stands, I came across these fruits called “Husk Cherries” I believe… They were so good! They are related to a tomato but taste sweeter and have a unique undertone that one taste can’t define. They were, however, quite expensive for a tiny little basket full. I didn’t get them- perhaps another market will bring these lovelies into my kitchen.  
Farmer’s Market Finds:
Swiss Chard (one rainbow the other red)
Artichokes (the cheapest I’ve seen them)
Red Dragon Shelling Beans
Teddy Bear Sunflowers (my sweet Husband insisted on buying them for me)
It’s funny… for as long as… 8 years maybe… I have been saying that my home would never go without fresh flowers. Somehow- for the past week in our new apartment, we have gone without them! How sad. It is now remedied and will stay that way.